Officers are nominated from the chapter membership every March and take on the position on July 1. We typically follow a succession plan of treasurer, then secretary, vice president and president. This succession allows our leaders to receive training and experience as they move up the chain of command. Nominees often have some experience serving on a committee. Responsibilities for each position is as follows:

Industry Committees

Industry Committees provide information to members about new events and regulations in a specific field. Serving on an industry  committee provides you a chance to increase your knowledge in an area of our field. There are no committee meetings to attend - communication is conducted by email and telephone.  The committee submits a quarterly report to the chapter.

  • President: Conducts quarterly board and chapter meetings. Provides reports to corporate. Represents the chapter on a regional and international basis.
  • Past President: Nominates individuals for leadership positions and international awards. Supports the chapter president as needed.
  • Vice President: Schedules the quarterly meetings and prepares the program. Takes on president’s responsibilities when needed.
  • Treasurer: Responsible for all deposits and expenditures and quarterly reports. Accounting is conducted using Quickbooks with oversight from the corporate IRWA office.
  • Secretary: Takes notes at the quarterly meetings.
  • Asset Management:
  • Environment: Marian Barnes, SR/WA and Tierney Lalor
  • Legislation: JJ Rolling and Bob Trapp
  • Liaison: Nicole Smullen
  • Public Agencies: Jenny Frese
  • Relocation: Beth Smith, SR/WA and Kassandra Walbrun
  • Survey and Engineering: Jacob Braun, WPS, ROW Agent
  • Transportation and Railroads: Norman Pawelczyk, SR/WA and Craig Andersen
  • Utilities, Pipelines, Oil & Gas: Mike Halcarz
  • Valuation: Corey Sell

Service Committees

Service Committees support our chapter functions.  Qualifications are a desire to get to know chapter members and to help further the work of our chapter!   Please contact a committee member or officer if you are interested in participating.

  • Education: Emily Iacchei, Michelle Somers, Kathy Curren
  • Meetings/Programs: Laura Humphrey, Jenny Frese
  • Membership: Arlene Butke
  • Media/Web Site: Marian Barnes
  • Professional Development: Barb Taves, Doug Hartmann